Billy Dillon

william dillon
9th June 2005, 23:36
Would like to contact anyone who was on "Elmina Palm" in the late 60's

Ron B Manderson
9th June 2005, 23:39
Hope you enjoy the site

10th June 2005, 07:10
Welcome aboard, Billy. I can't help with your request, but we have lots of people here and you never know who might turn up!
Enjoy the site and we look forward to your contributions.

Doug Rogers
10th June 2005, 08:12
Welcome to the site, cant help either but am sure that you will get some help along the way. Enjoy and if you need any assistance then just ask.

julian anstis
10th June 2005, 08:56
Welcome aboard there Billy,

Might be worth posting a few photos of her on site, that tends to jog memories. Hope you enjoy your trip with us.