Rnlb Ernest And Mabel

Bob S
10th June 2005, 19:10
Weymouth lifeboat RNLB ERNEST AND MABEL.

18th July 2005, 13:17
isnt that the Brixham boat Bob? great picture. must have a good camera there bob! looks like Brixham in the background to me. prepared to stand corrected Sir... LOL

18th July 2005, 16:40
Definately Weymouth, my better half comes from there. I remember the boats naming ceremony a couple of years back

18th July 2005, 18:47
Nice photo

Bob S
18th July 2005, 18:59
Definately Weymouth William, haven't photographed the brixham boat yet.

19th July 2005, 03:02
Every Christmas the Mayor of Weymouth used to go out to the Shambles Light Vessel in the Weymouth Lifeboat taking loads of goodies for the crew.

In earlier years they also called at Portland Breakwater Lighthouse with Christmas cheer for the three keepers. Unfortunately one year the Principle Keeper, an eccentric character, told them to "Bugger Off!", so that was the end of that.

At Christmas 1966, I was one of the three keepers standing like Basset hounds on the Breakwater watching the lifeboat pass on her way to the Shambles. As you'd expect, some uncomplementary remarks were made about that old Scrooge at teatime when we revisited the event on the TV news!

John T.

19th July 2005, 08:30
therefore I do stand corrected Bob...LOl I never been to weymouth RNLI....