Tectona - Former Sail Training Vessel Plymouth School of Navigation

13th May 2008, 12:41
Any old Plymouth School of Navigation (School Of Maritime Studies) cadets who sailed on the mighty Tectona as part of their training modules might find this of interest.


I sailed on her a few times and thoroughly enjoyed the experience (after getting over the initial sea sickness)

mike scanlan
27th January 2009, 16:46
I also sailed on the Tectona ! It would have been about 1980 whilst I was doing 'Phase 1'. I was working for Ellerman City Liners at the time.

Steve Sherwood
2nd July 2009, 13:05
There was hardly any wind the week we were on Tectona, during the long, hot and dry summer of '76, so we had to motor most of the time to places such as Dartmouth and Fowey. I remember that on the first night we anchored off Kingsand, having drifted intrepidly across Plymouth Sound during the afternoon, dropped the dinghy, then most went to the pub. There were 12 deck cadets aboard and we had to do an hour's anchor watch each between 6pm and 6am. I think I drew 2-3am or 3-4; some awful time in the middle of the night anyway. Graham Carter was the skipper, he was also our lecturer in ship construction and sailing at the School of Maritime Studies. Happy days!

30th November 2009, 17:16
I sailed on the Tectona in 1977 I think. I was sick as a dog on her. While on her we did the old liferaft survival thing where I was the 'casualty' as I couldn't swim. This didn't stop me from being hurled overboard and I will admit I was s*** scared. However once on the raft I was one of the few who wasn't sick - perhaps because I was just so relieved to have made it on to her and safety.
We sailed to Dartmouth and Salcombe and Guernsey. Great fun when it wasn't too rough. Oh no here come dinner just thinking about it.
I was with Ellermans at the time - passed 2nd Mates in 1977 and Mates (Class 2) in 1981. Left the MN in 1984 but have now started doing cruise holidays and simply love being back at sea.

billy moore
28th July 2010, 13:28
hi,i was lucky enough to sail several times on the tectona in 1965,captain motte was the captain in charge of seamanship at the school but he didn't skipper the tectona,captain gibson had that job.
great fun,a j guy,p soady were my shipmates at the time.