A bit late...

19th May 2008, 10:44
...but hello folks. I've been posting away and haven't even introduced myself yet. I will remedy this now and humbly beg your pardon.

Mention of the ships and people that I was involved with, one way or anther, got me tearing down memory lane at a rate of knots and quite forgetting to observe the niceties of an introduction.

I was well known in Houlder's ships "Brandon Priory", my first ship starting as junior engineer in 1961 and the "Bidford Priory" , ending up as second engineer in 1966/7.

Kind regards


Steve Woodward
19th May 2008, 11:14
Welcome to SN from Suffolk, we have no set rate on here, this is a relaxed ship, so take your time and enjoy yourself, best of luck with yur search for old sipmates

19th May 2008, 11:20
Greetings Bob and welcome to SN.Plenty of us ex engineers on site, so enjoy what you see and thanks for signing on. Bon voyage.

non descript
19th May 2008, 11:26
Bob, a warm welcome to you. Thank you for joining the community and names like Clymene and Brandon Priory are bound to secure you an excellent respinse; enjoy the site and all it has to offer, and we very much look forward to your postings in due course. Bon Voyage

19th May 2008, 12:12
Thanks for all the welcomes everyone, good wishes are always welcome. (A) .

It is a bit like joining a new ship and not knowing anyone, but there was always sombody who would make you feel welcome. Thanks again folks.

Warmest good wishes


Bruce Carson
19th May 2008, 13:10
Bob, thanks for the introduction and it's nice to see you actively posting on our site.
You've probably made yourself at home by now--good to have you onboard and enjoy all that we have to offer.


K urgess
19th May 2008, 13:20
Welcome aboard from East Yorkshire, Bob.
A nice intrduction to our crew, never too late to say hello and I see you've had some responses already.
I'm the one with the "link (http://www.shipsnostalgia.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=94802)" to the Clymene via the "World's Favourite Tanker" and the company's "Sunshine Cruises" mentioned in your other thread.
(Thankyou Tonga!)
Explore this ship and have a good trip.

19th May 2008, 14:40
FTAO Bruce carson.

Thank you for the welcome Bruce. I't nice to be here.(A) I feel quite at home alrready just like after the first watch after returning from leave.

Best wishes


19th May 2008, 14:48
(Thumb) Thank you also Marconi Sahib.

The link on your post took me to a Cerinthus conection. A ship that I never sailed on nor saw in port, however I heard lots about her from the various folk who had sailed on her, including - Roly Johnson, Jim Cambell, Alec Gibb and Ron "Duky" Duke. A bloke who was my senior and second on the 4 - 8 on the Bidford Priory was a man called Mike Mitchell. Hw ended up as chief eng. when I was second on the Bidford.

Best wishes


19th May 2008, 22:50
Welcome from Lancashire.

I hope you will enjoy the site.



20th May 2008, 00:42
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage

20th May 2008, 19:30
Thanks for the welcome benjidog and gdynia. I spent most of yesterday reading posts here that brought back some splendid memories.

Warmest good wishes


21st May 2008, 18:24
And a big hi from me...and like I say to all new joiners..."You're just in time too...It's your round in the Bar" Andy

22nd May 2008, 15:58
Good on you Tony. Thank you also.