Tramp to Queen

Tom Inglis
28th May 2008, 11:34
I have recently read a new book about the life if Captain John Treasure Jones the last Captain of the Queen Mary. The book has aparently been compiled from manuscripts which Treasure Jones' daughter found when he died. Her husband has produced the book entitled "Tramp to Queen".
John Treasure Jones , from Haverfordwest, went to sea on a Cardiff Tramper "Grelgrant" having signed indentures with the owners J C Gould Steamship Co Ltd in 1921.
In his carreer he sailed with Hall Bros of Newcastle, White Star Line, Blue Funnel Line, and Cunard White Star Line. He was also in RNR and spent much of the war years in the Atlantic and then working for Director of Sea Transport in Indonesia after Atllantic hostilities had ceased
He rejoined Cunard in 1947 and remained with them and RNR for the rest of his career. He was Master of the Queens for many years, finally taking "Queen Mary" on her last cruise, round the cape to Long Beach Californa in 1967.
An interesting read for anyone with an interest in ships
ISBN 978 0 7524 4625 7

Tom Inglis
14th July 2008, 11:53
Has anyone taken the opportunity to read this Book about Captain John Teasure Jones ?
I would have thought that Cunard colleagues would be interested . Does anyone have any interesting tales about Capt Jones or any other Cunard characters?
Having read this book I am intrigued to hear some other views about Jones and the last trip of the Queen Mary
Let's hear from you Cunard guys out there.

14th July 2008, 12:03
Well done boyo, you have done the Municipality of Wales a great service, especially for the Merchant Navy Members,
British by birth, Welsh by the grace of God, we all raise our hats to you. Terence Williams.