Ray Gee catering

13th June 2005, 21:26
hello to everyone, this is my first time on here. i was in the merchant navy late 1964 until 1969/70. I was in catering.
first ship was Clutha River Houlder bros. tanker
then Anadara Shell tanker
Dorset new zealand shipping co (federal steam nav. co.)
Cicero ellerman wilson line
and Spero both ellerman wilson line
Baltic Jet and Baltic Importer both united baltic corp.
Norwave north sea ferries
Cornishbrook. brookline shipping corp.
i think that is all i was on.

julian anstis
13th June 2005, 22:17
Welcome aboard Ray,

Hope you enjoy our site and if you are looking for photo's or info just shout ...we have a very knowledgeable crew on here....test them to their limits.