The Bogler

John Ringrose
2nd June 2008, 14:01
What happened to the QE2 ch R/O - wasn't that Don Butterworth - The Bogler?

What about F.A.Dunn by name and nature ex of Atlantic Causeway and then to Passie boats - can't remember which he was on?

Peter Eccleson
2nd June 2008, 20:27
Frank was on Cunard Countess in the mid 70's. Quite a character!

7th June 2008, 22:17
I remember Frank well - he being on Countess whilst PY Wright and myself (and others of course) were on the Princess. I met him years later when he came through Sydney on a box boat but never heard from him again.

Don't know what became of Don Butterworth either. But whilst on the topic, does anyone have any intel on another GBTT R/O, Phil Marriott? Phil was my Chief for the two trips I did as 2R/O on Mawana/GWWZ in '68-'69. He went to GBTT immediately after that and stayed until he finished I think.

Alan Marsden

Peter Eccleson
10th June 2008, 20:32
Don Butterworth retired about 1978 - Alan Holmes took over from him on a full time basis

16th August 2008, 00:42
I sailed with Frank Dunn on Atlantic Causeway for 3 years from launch until 1972. In around 1998/9 his name cropped up in converation with someone who had sailed with him and we met up for a drink. He was just the same and we exchange Christmas cards every year. He still lives in Killmalcolm.



16th August 2008, 21:59
the town name of killmalcolm put me in mind of another Malcolm.............

Atlantic Conveyer..............

i think the whisky would have killed him.

John Ringrose
3rd November 2008, 14:42
I remember hearing that Malcolm Mclean passed away quite young really. Can't remember when but think it was around late 70's.

He made my life a bug bare on the Conveyor when I used to relieve him. He had a habit of spraying WD 40 on the relay contacts on the telephone exchange. Worked great for a few days until they all started sticking together & then !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Good old days - miss it!!.

3rd November 2008, 21:34
Thanks for that John.......

in view of your info........'nuff said.

best regards.

Tony Selman
5th November 2008, 17:53
Frank Dunn is indeed alive and well and I met him, and two other Brock's R/O's near their homes in Scotland recently. I was staying at a hotel near Greenock and the three of them came to see me and a good few hours were spent swinging the lamp as you can imagine. The following day Frank took me on a tour of the Greenock area as I had taken my radar ticket at James Watt College and I had a season ticket to Frank's parents bar - The Gordon Bar. The whole area has changed now and I was saddened to see the bar had been knocked down. Frank has been retired for several years now and he is the only R/O that I know that spent his whole working life at sea - 47 years I think he said.

10th November 2008, 13:15
Speaking of R/O's from Scotland, does anyone have any news of Sandy Dunn? He was Chief R/O on Cunard Adventurer when I first joined her in '76. Does anyone know if he's still around at all?

Alan Marsden

7th March 2009, 06:38
Sandy used to do some trips on the QE2 88/89... no further info after this I afraid.