City of Manchester

14th June 2005, 22:26
Hello and Good Evening. Anyone out there that sailed on the ship 1969 as deck Officers? Kind regards...J.A. Gray R/O City of Manchester and Worcester.

Doug Rogers
14th June 2005, 22:58
Welcome aboard the site, will be suprised if someone doesnt pop up from those times.

Rockin Robin
18th January 2006, 18:52
Hi, Robin here I sailed on the City of Worcester in November of 69, I served on her
as Electrican i joined her in Dundee on the 9/11/70 I served with Ellermans from 1965/1973. I have all the 18 ships i sailed R Photo Post Cards apart from the City of Worcester and the city of Winchester. your name rings a bell , best regards for now
Robin W