Largs Bay Collision

5th June 2008, 13:05
The jungle telegraph is going into overdrive down here at the moment, word on the street is that the Largs Bay has had a collision with a Container ship.
Can't find anything on the internet yet.

5th June 2008, 21:10
LARGS BAY was struck by a 25000T German container ship while secured alongside in Curacoa. LARGS BAY holed port side fwd under the Bridge 01 & 02 Decks as well as damage to the bow area as the container ship glanced off her. No casualties and LARGS BAY granted Lloyds Certificate of Class to proceed to Mayport for repairs. I have no info on the German ship and not sure if she was entering or leaving port.


5th June 2008, 23:17
On AisLive the only German ship near to Largs Bay is the NYK Galaxy a 41,000Gross tonne container ship see link for
Dont know if this is the ship its currently in Savannah and arrived mid day today
Largs Bay is currently on Ais in Jacksonville moored


6th June 2008, 07:57
Not sure of the container ship's name but it starts witha K and is a double name I think. German but registered in St Johns I believe. Will phone around this morning.


6th June 2008, 10:25
Very good to hear nobody was hurt and I hope repairs won't be too protracted - she's performing a very important job out there.

6th June 2008, 17:18
Some more info, from:
Daily Vessel Casualty and Piracy Report
Vessel Loss Dispatches For May 2008

26,600-gt 1,700-TEU container M/V Rickmer - Rickmers passed the moored British 16000-t-RFA Largs Bay (L 3006) too close and came in contact with her bridge wing what resulted in some damage to containers stowed on the starboard side on deck. From our Sr. Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen (Sat. May 24 2008).

Rory Bhoy
7th June 2008, 16:40
I'm in the RFA, and I've been ringing around and managed to get a few pics of the collision. I'll put them up in the gallery.