House flags from 1949

8th June 2008, 12:39
I ran across the attached pages in a 1949 book called Seamanship for Passengers by Gavin Douglas and thought it might be of interest. I have better scans (with the type more visible) but had to go with this one because of the system limits. If anyone would like for me to send them one of the higher quality scans, just let me know.

Scott in Long Beach.

19th April 2009, 01:55
please send better scan

john ward
10th June 2009, 22:49
I have Flags,Funnels and Hull colours by Colin Stewart which cost 6s. 6d. net in 1953. There are 433 shipping lines illustrated. Not all are lines as such I see, the Trinity House colours and Northern Lighthouse board colours and all the various railway companies that had ships. I don't know how they are listed as 271 is The Isle of Man Steam packet co. 272 is Cunard Steamship Co and 273 is British Electricity Authority . A great browse! I'll scan the page of any company if anyone is interested.