Hello from Gothenburg Sweden

8th June 2008, 18:02
Swedish lad from Gothenburg in Sweden.
Interested in ships, and especially ocean liners during the golden years of 1870-1939.

non descript
8th June 2008, 18:40
Tommy, well done and a warm welcome to you. Thank you for joining the community; enjoy the site and all it has to offer, and we very much look forward to your postings in due course. Bon Voyage

8th June 2008, 18:59
Welcome from Lancashire UK.

I hope you will enjoy the site.



Bruce Carson
8th June 2008, 19:39
From Michigan, a warm welcome to Ships Nostalgia.
I think you'll find much of interest in our Forums and Galleries.
Good to have you onboard.


Frank P
8th June 2008, 22:02
Welcome onboard Tommy, enjoy the site.

Cheers Frank

9th June 2008, 01:33
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage

9th June 2008, 01:47
Hi Tommy and welcome to this wonderful site. I knew Goteborg well in the mid to late 70's. Great place.

9th June 2008, 07:51
Thank you all for the warm welcome.