Copyright software

13th June 2008, 19:01
Hi guys, Is there an easy to use and Free download copyrigth software around(H)

On another site that I am with I have noticed that a couple of my picks have been lifted and reposted I mannaged to get them blocked after I proved that they were mine.

All I want to do is put the copyright symbol and my initals on the picks.

regards Ian

SHM 078
13th June 2008, 19:30
Here you go mate try this
Its actually a full program with a file t be applied ;) spooky as someone else asked for similar somewhere else i go and was given the link for this prog,


13th June 2008, 20:41
Thanks for that Marc and give it a try,

If a certain person on another site had behaved themselves I would'nt need to do it.


13th June 2008, 21:30
In word, Hold down Alt Gr key and press c for copyright symbol, add initials and copy. In adobe photoshop I can paste this into the picture. Probably work for other paint programmes.

14th June 2008, 14:47
Thanks Vasco I will have a play around Still experimenting yet

Regards Ian