Ben Line Nostalgia.

Ben Boat Jim
19th June 2008, 02:20
Having avidly read members memories of the "watering holes" we frequented in the East, I would dearly love to see photos of the 50's- 60's-70's pubs and shantys.etc I have two photos of the Mosquito bar Bangkok and Venus Room courtesy of a Danish web site, and would like to get one of Susies Blue Bar Cebu, where the mooring lines were looped over bollards in the main Street, and from the foc'sle head could view the lads cavorting on the Manila rum inside Susies. Also the Straits Cabaret Anson Road Singapore, across the road the Boustead Mission (haircut by cut throat razor) but emerged all perfumed and poufterised. The Moreno in Manila, and after 6weeks loading copra around the Philippine coast, various shacks offering ladies of the night (bless them.)
The Chantecleer Blue Peter and Red Lion of Kowloon, etc.
I am writing this from pure selfish nostalgia, as a "peggy" on the Macdhui in 1956.
Surely someone has photos in a cardboard box in the attic to stir up the old adrenalin again
Kindest Regards to all
Jim Morrison ex Buckie now New Zealand