Stephan Batory

7th April 2004, 16:37
The STEPHAN BATORY was one of the most popular transAtlantic liners of the 50s and 60s. N. American ports during the summer included Quebec City, Montreal and New York.

2nd August 2004, 17:15
She's the ex-Dutch "Maasdam" Ian. I sailed passenger in her in '57.

2nd October 2004, 16:45
I think she was broken up in the middle 90s. as STEFAN under Bahamas Flag
of Courage Maritime Ltd.

13th November 2005, 09:59
There was another Batory with two funnels 14,287 tons of Gdynia-American lines built 1936, a regular visitor to Southampton during my younger days. David Cole

13th November 2005, 11:35

Here a link to her story and lots of pictures;

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17th November 2005, 03:49
As a tribute to her a centre was built in Gdynia approx 2 years ago but the same as anywhere else in the world their were big changes and it was turned into a shopping mall.The inside is the only resemblance of that splendid ship due to the shape of the shop fronts.The name still bears great pride in the hearts of the seamen who sailed in her and the name will never be forgotten