Ex Arco Severn/Thames

Chief T
21st June 2008, 17:21
Hi all, Am ex Hanson and was on the Severn and Thames between 1995 - 1999. Ivan Constance was the captain of the Severn in the 70's. Bob Lake sadly passed away a few years after leaving ARC. Anyone who want's an update on both the above vessels, just ask. Chief T

K urgess
21st June 2008, 17:27
Welcome aboard from East Yorkshire, Chief T.
I'm sure you will hear from any interested crew.
Find your way around the ship, join in and enjoy the trip.

21st June 2008, 19:08
I believe an ex Everards Master Capt Charles Locke was Master on one of them at some time.

21st June 2008, 20:11
Is this you Tim? I hear the Thames is on her way home.

21st June 2008, 20:17
Sailed with him on the AXE in 1996 Trevor was the chief left ARC in 98 and also teft a lot of good shipmates behind , WIL OWEN 3rd ENG RFA.

21st June 2008, 20:33
She is leaving Gibraltar for England this weekend and from the pictures I have seen is looking very smart, she has some final details to be taken care of and then she will be back to work.

21st June 2008, 23:36
Welcome aboard from the Philippines. Enjoy all this great site has to offer

Bruce Carson
21st June 2008, 23:56
From Michigan, a warm welcome to Ships Nostalgia, Chief T.
Good to see you're hearing from our members.
Make yourself at home and join in our friendly discussions.


Chief T
22nd June 2008, 15:09
It must be you Martin,
Am now running the Thames for the new owner. Left Hanson in April.
She is having an all British crew and will be working UK only at the moment.
Back to Gibraltar tomorrow to see her on her way back to the UK from about Wednesday. Looking for some good AB's
Good luck in Appledore.

22nd June 2008, 21:24
It will be good to see the old girl home again tim,hope all goes well for you, catch you again when next on here.

23rd June 2008, 07:47
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage

23rd June 2008, 08:41
Greetings ChiefT and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.