Ex Shell Tankers

21st June 2008, 20:27
Found a few snippets about some of my old ships on here so decided to join.
I was an Engineer Officer with Shell from 1976 to 1987, see my profile for ships I sailed on.
Best years of my life- probably because after 20 odd years the bad things are fading fast!

If you knew me say hi, would like to know where some of the characters ended up!


Paul Crouch

K urgess
21st June 2008, 20:49
Welcome aboard, Crouchy.
Plenty of Shell guys in the crew who you may have sailed with.
Explore the ship, join in and enjoy the trip.

Harvey Williams
21st June 2008, 21:26
Hello Crouchy. Croeseo y Cymru. A very warm welcome from Wales. I welcome you to S.N. and sincerely hope your voyage with us is a pleasant one, you are among a grand crew here, Gods children one and all. I am an ex Shell man myself.again Sir see my profile, but I was on the S.S.Asprella for nearly 8 months, great job, just cant put names to ships though, ( Im blaming Age and my medication) thats my story and Im sticking to it. May see you in The Pig later, I will even buy you one. Nos Dda ( Good Night )

21st June 2008, 23:32
Welcome aboard from the Philippines. Enjoy all this great site has to offer

21st June 2008, 23:48
Hi Paul,

Welcome to SN, have fun (==D)
I'm ex Shell and also sailed on Asprella, Aulica, Gastrana, Halia and Serenia and left when they flagged out. I agree Shell life had changed then.


Bruce Carson
21st June 2008, 23:52
Paul, from Michigan, a warm welcome to Ships Nostalgia.
Chances are you'll be hearing from old shipmates before long.
Make yourself at home and enjoy all we have to offer.