Jumbo Lifts

22nd June 2008, 23:21
I read a txt on one of the forums, I cant find it now, about the Jumbo lifting gear on the "Onitsha" Can anyone remember a trip when we had a barge loaded as deck cargo thwartships, it was bloody massive must have been a hundred tons+ . The txt I first mentioned said the "Onitsha's" Jumbo was an abortion, As I remember they had little trouble getting that barge on or off, mind you we did have a bloody good bosun, maybe thats the answer.

stan mayes
22nd June 2008, 23:52
Hi Degsy,
You refer to my comment on Onitsha's jumbo abortion.
It is in Elder Dempster thread and Obuasi.
During my time as a rigger at Tilbury I probably helped to lash 20 barges on Palm and ED's..at least five on Onitsha.
For some reason on EDs 'F' class - we loaded the barges in the river off Gravesend..

22nd June 2008, 23:59
Hi Stan, I remember them getting the barge off as the ballast notes were coming down the engine room thick an fast. The Bosun that trip had been down the west coast for years, an was good on the rigging. I know the mate was glad of him Degsy

non descript
23rd June 2008, 07:07
Degsy, the post by Stan Mayes is located here (http://www.shipsnostalgia.com/showthread.php?t=322&highlight=Onitsha)

stan mayes
23rd June 2008, 10:42
Thankyou Mark -it reminds me I intended sending bits and pieces of interest to you - my apologies for the delay...