Bucket Dredger Grassendale at Fleetwood

25th June 2008, 14:01
Hi am wondering wether anyone can help me I am a member of the Droitwich Spa Model Boat Club in worcestershire and am interested in modelling this ship. "Grassendale" was or still is a twin crane traditional bucket dredger which was based in and around the port of Fleetwood, Lancashire.

I would like to know who built her, when she was built, what has happened to her now.
It would be great to gain the blue prints if they are still in the archives anywhere as the hull shape would have to be made from scratch as cannot fing and type of hull matching the particular shape of this vessel


Many thanks and regards

Mike Griffiths

28th March 2014, 00:27
Hi Mike,

Sorry that I'm nearly six years late in replying but I've only just come across your post. The Grassendale was a twin grab dredger owned by the British Transport Docks Board (now Associated British Ports) and based at Barrow in Furness. She was replaced in about 1978 by the more modern twin grab dredger Calatria. It's a long shot but, should you still be interested in obtaining drawings of the Grassendale, you could try the following address:

Docks Engineer
Associated British Ports
Barrow Docks
Ramsden Dock Road
Barrow in Furness

Incidentally, I may have a couple of photos of the Grassendale should you be interested.

Regards, Richard