5th December 2006, 13:13
Any one sail on the Queensbury circa 1965, my late brother-in-law R/O Tom Phillips left my some slides,one showing some of the crew on Pocitos beach.Montevideo. They are Julian Chamberlain 2 R/O. Doctor Guy Leach. R/O Tom Phillips and J/e Jack Freeman. anyone know these chaps.

Tony money
26th June 2008, 16:34
The Queensbury never has much of a mention she wasnt that bad as I remember.

non descript
26th June 2008, 23:10
Yes, a fine ship and I never heard a bad word about her - Built in 1953 by Burntisland Shipbuilding (Hull 350) and fitted with two Gray-Polar 6 cylinder engines geared to a single shaft. Handed over to Alexander Shipping in June 1953 (managed by Houlders) she continued in service until 1971 when she was sold to Transmarine who re-named her Sandra. Sold again in 1973 to Taiwanese interest and re-named Fong Lee and then in 1976 she became Lien Chang under Hong Kong ownership. She was broken up at Kaohsiung in November 1978

29th June 2008, 17:53
Joined mv QUEENSBURY at MANCHESTER ,on 10/3/63 first time as 2nd engr. Ship was bound for drydock at Cardiff,main engine entablatures and cast iron cyl. columns badly cracked . c/e engr Harry poulson.In Cardiff till 24/5/63. Cracks metalocked ,also repairs to main engines carried out. Starbd engine completed and in order to meet a charter it was decided to go out on trial of Starbd. engine. on orders of engineering supervisor. Port engine was still being worked on and eng. room was full of scaffolding and hanging securing ropes. During trial it was noticed that o/heating was taking place , but it was considered no danger. Starbd. explosion doors blew injuring shore staff working on port engine also causing burns to chief engr., and 3rd engineer, fire started on hanging ropes etc, and engine room staff put out all fires. . we were towed into Milford Haven, Mr Poulson was replaced having gone to hospital and eventually we set off on our charter. During this trip we were experiencing daily problems with engines, calling at SRI LANKA for repairs to engine scavenge units,during which the shore side engine supervisor was injured in engine room accident. Scavenge fires were a common occurrence. as were more problems ;such as emergency generator, which also was POLAR. during one of the regular blackouts the junior engr. got the generator on ,but had not pumped oil through to the main bearing ;which was necessary in this type, Resulting in main bearings being damaged and requiring replacing. Fortunately we had the spares and spent many hours replacing them.We arrived back to LIVERPOOL ,on 17th Nov 1963.My next ship was mv Swan River, also I am please to say as 2nd engineer.

non descript
13th December 2008, 12:44
As small thumbnail of her, courtesy of John Clarkson.

Tony money
19th December 2008, 22:40
I sailed as Electrician on the Queensbury from Nov 65 to Oct 66. See photo. Not to good with names left to right Henry Gittings 3/O. R/O. 2/O. Keith McKay 3/Eng. Me Elect . Photo taken in Sydney May 66.

29th December 2008, 01:56
you must have been on the swan river the same time as i wasi joined her 15/5/63 and left her 3/7/64 she was a great ship i was the 2nd cook and baker

bert thompson
27th February 2009, 22:26
My Uncle in Law Billy Odie joined he as Bosun in Burntisland and he was on her until he retired. Think he used to take a lot of sailors from Shetland

Harry Poulson
11th August 2010, 22:53
Gentlemen, trying to find information (and pics if poss) on my uncle harry poulson c. engineer. Don't know anything about him and would be grateful for any info, good or bad!!