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26th June 2008, 15:49
Hi guys
Researching some family history and trying to find some further info re. SS Frederick Snowdon - coal ship wrecked January 17th 1912 at Cruden Bay, Peterhead, Aberdeen. My Great Grandfather, John Auld, was shipmaster and went down with the ship - his body was found a month later. We would love to find newspaper articles, photos or crew lists etc of her or anything else to add substance to family stories! Hope someone can help?!
Cheers Jane (Wave)

K urgess
26th June 2008, 16:47
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26th June 2008, 22:38
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J Smith
26th June 2008, 22:54
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The following may be of interest to you re S.S.Frederick Snowdon, and is recorded in pages 90,92, and 93 of David M. Ferguson's book 'Shipwrecks of North East Scotland 1444 - 1990.'
The book is published by The Mercat Press, Edinburgh - ISBN I 87 364414 0.

'An hour after the ARGOSY went ashore an unidentified steamer, listing
heavily and flying distress signals, foundered off Whinnyfold just south of
Port Erroll. It was not until the following day that she was positively identified as the Aberdeen collier FREDERICK SNOWDEN when a nameboard was washed ashore near Peterhead. Although an old vessel, she had been built at
Middlesborough in 1866, her master, Captain John Auld, was an extremely
experienced seaman and she had just completed her Board of Trade survey.
There were no survivors from the crew of thirteen and the reasons for her
loss remained something of a mystery. By a bitter irony one of those drowned
included a stoker, Henry Mitchell, who had been a noted lifeguard at Aberdeen
beach saving over a hundred lives.'
'When the weather moderated a few days later, fishermen discovered a mast floating in the water and attached to some wreckage on the seabed.
In fact, it was identified as coming from the FREDERICK SNOWDEN.'

I hope this will be of some help in your research.

Regards - James Smith.

p.s. The book gives the spelling as SNOWDEN.

J Smith
26th June 2008, 23:53
Hello again.

Website - Off Scotland. Amendment No.4 - December 1998
gives the following detail : -

Page 154 - Frederick Snowden
Amend position - 5723.00 0147.90
Amend comment - Foundered off Whinnyfold. Capt.Auld.

Regards -J.Smith

27th June 2008, 00:49
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27th June 2008, 00:51
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27th June 2008, 09:58
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22nd January 2013, 18:31
Hi there,

I know these posts are quite old now!! Have recently started researching my family tree and have just stumbled across this site. My great grandfather was the Henry Mitchell mentioned who perished on the Frederick Snowdon and he did indeed save many lives on Aberdeen beach. He was also a champion trick swimmer (whatever that is?)

I have a photocopy (if rather poor quality) of the Aberdeen Daily Journal that reported on the terrible storm and the vessels lost. Fascinating to have found someone else connected to this tragic loss of life.

Regards Gill

22nd January 2013, 18:52

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