Wild lily - Car Carrier

17th June 2005, 17:42
Does anybody know if the Wild Lily is still sailing for Azalea from Tyne Car Terminal? Been looking on the net but can't find anything on her.


17th June 2005, 18:06
Good photo of Wild Lily on www.shipphotos.co.uk

17th June 2005, 18:15
Cheers, she looks good there. I think she may have been broken up now. I was Third Engineer on her in '99 and she was a bit past her sell by date then. Damn good experience though. I'd never sailed on a totally manual ship before - the only electronic aid in the engine room being the clock!

17th June 2005, 18:23
In my day everything was manual except the clock and that was governed by the bridge. How things have changed

17th June 2005, 18:34
On my first ship, the Humilaria, we even had to wind the engine room clock, so it was ALL manual!

17th June 2005, 19:13
She was probably the best couple of trips I've done. Bad living conditions, work conditions, weather conditions etc...But one hell of a good time!

Captain Smurf
29th January 2008, 18:00
Wild Lily at the Nissan Car Terminal on the Tyne


29th January 2008, 18:11
I remember her being a regular visitor to the Tees, and used to see her when I was on the Elk. I heard that at one point she was in danger of losing the Nissan charter as water was dripping from the sprinkler system onto the cars. The Mate in true Merchant Navy style went to the local chemist and bought a large box of condoms, one for every sprinkler head, problem solved. I'll bet the chemist was impressed.