pop ups

2nd July 2008, 16:33
Can anyone please help. Just lately I have been plagued with popups for gambling and on line dating sites. The irony is I'm happily married and have never gambled with money in my life. My popup blocker is set to maximum but these sites just keep on coming. Any help will be most appreciated.(Cloud)

Neil Mant
2nd July 2008, 16:55
Hi a pop up blocker only stops advertisements coming in to your pc. it doesnt stop them once there in. Thats were they are now, you need to clean your pc
go here and download a spyware removal tool. ie, adaware or spybot.

Neil Mant
2nd July 2008, 16:58
Hi, Quietman, these programmes are free.

2nd July 2008, 17:03
Cheers Neil I'll do that now
Regards Derrick.

2nd July 2008, 19:43
type in admuncher when the page comes up go for the 30 day free trial if your pleased with it, its a one off payment,i have it and it works very well stops these annoying ad's no problem.

Neil Mant
2nd July 2008, 22:44
Hi Derrick did they work and clean your pc/

4th July 2008, 01:07
Unfortunatly not mate Pc went haywire and I had to use system recovery. Lost a few photo's but had put most on to flash drive 2 days ago so can't complain. Thanks for asking though. Keep in touch
Regards Derrick.
ps Am intending to use a couple of those sites to see if I can prevent further probs.

4th July 2008, 01:57
The best way to stop, full stop, being taken off to sites that you have no intentions or wish to visit is to install an up to date HOSTS file; to write one up yourself would take millenia, but this one is updated to cover for all those morons that wish to introduce you to things you would rather not see.
You can always add your own selections as you go, and you can also get a small piece of software to lock it and unlock it. It blocks unwanted pop-ups beyond Windows controls and even those embedded in the page.
Best of Luck, Raymond

4th July 2008, 12:31
Thanks Raymond, I'll probably try that after the weekend as I'm now starting a run of nightshifts and my brain doesn't function to well when I come off shift.
Regards Derrick

4th July 2008, 15:01
I should point out that Windows uses the HOSTS file, itself, building up a record of sites visited with their IP addresses to save looking them up each time you want to visit a site, so it is not an alien file. Before installing the new HOSTS file, copy the old one, and rename it. What it does it to redirect the call for a site to your own computer, and so it does not visit the page (including those third party sites on some commercial websites) access to pages on the web is much faster and cleaner. One by-product is that it reduces the likelihood of unwanted installations; I have sworn by this for ten years now. Best of Luck, Raymond

4th July 2008, 23:45
I confirm the recommendation of downloading SpyBot-Search-and-Destroy and updating it online (the updates are very regular). The immunization process offered by SpyBot is very similar to that described by 'treeve' in that it will put many hundreds of nasty sites into limbo.

It also has a good scan facility and some other useful features and even better .... it's free.