Infection, help?

2nd July 2008, 19:07
So now AVG-free reports infection (I-worm/Brontok KO) and asks whether I want to remove threaths. I click yes, and then Windows pops up with the information that it does not recognize components of XP service pack three, and asks me to put in CD Rom to restore this. I haven't got any CD rom, I bought the PC with windows XP installed, and then downloaded service pack three. (And this panel can't be discussed with.) In the meantime AVG reports everything fair and fine, all components running normally. Downloading service pack 3 anew has failed, trying to do that I end up with some shitty Norwegian ads. Any suggestions? Shut down the machine and wait and see what happens? Regards, Stein.

2nd July 2008, 19:26
Looks like this might have been a false alarm from AVG. (But then why the Windows reaction?) Others with AVG might run into the same problem today? Regards, Stein.

K urgess
2nd July 2008, 19:37
Seems a bit weird, Stein.
Looks like you may have some spyware.
I have AVG8 and SP3 without any problem. Last scan was this morning.
You should have got a Windows rescue disk with your PC.

Steve Woodward
2nd July 2008, 19:42
Saw the thread Stein and was going to recommend 500 thou units of penicilin, glad to see you have the 'infection' beat.

many computers come without a rescue disc - mine included, you have to make your own - a nuisance but absolutely vital

2nd July 2008, 20:01
Hi Kris, Steve. I can't get rid of the Windows pop up. Translating from Norwegian: "Windows stability threathened. Are you sure you want to keep the unknown files." I'm not clicking yes there. I'm going searching for some downloadable rescue disc. Regards, Stein.

2nd July 2008, 20:08
Stein have you tried System Restore take your computer back to a date and time before the troubles started - it may work. Go to Control Panel and select System there is a tab for System Restore - just take the computer back to a day and time before the troubles started.

Through the All Programs menu:

Click Start.

Point to All Programs.

Point to Accessories.

Point to System Tools.

Click System Restore.

Follow the instructions on the wizard.

Creating a restore point can be useful any time you anticipate making changes to your computer that are risky or might make your computer unstable. If something goes wrong, you select the restore point you just created and Windows XP undoes any system changes made since that time.


2nd July 2008, 20:42
Hi Santos. Did As you suggested, restored the computer back to 29th of last month. The computer went off, and restarted, and came alive without two hysterical panels from Windows. I checked the AVG virus vault, and still there were two examples of the I worm/Brontok Ko, one designed PC-health and the other Service pack 3. If the computer starts tromorrow I suppose everything is back to normal. And since it went off and restarted with the restore to earlier stage thing, I have high hopes it will. Thanks a lot, it would be a sad thing if it crashed completely on me. Regards, Stein.

2nd July 2008, 20:52
Hi Stein,

I am glad that it has helped - it should as you say start OK tomorrow. Good luck and kind regards.


2nd July 2008, 23:29

Whatever else you do, when you start your computer again, back up everything on your computer (photos, documents etc.) onto another drive or a CD. Then if your computer really goes down the pan you at least will not have lost stuff you can't get back.

I hope it restarts cleanly for you.



Hugh MacLean
3rd July 2008, 10:10
A word of warning though. If you have a virus or worm/trojan and you use system restore you could be harbouring the said malware and re-infecting your pc.

What I usually do is to turn off system restore, then boot into safe mode, run the virus scanner, deal with the results of that, then reboot pc and turn on system restore again.

Regards (Thumb)

3rd July 2008, 11:34
Stein, change the fruit and get a Mac, why be tied down to one system when you can have two and the best of both worlds.


3rd July 2008, 13:18
Just to add to the above ... Windows is stored on PCs in CAB files, to allow for factory state restore, which cleans out everything nasty in the woodwork. It is the ultimate restore, but, make sure before that everything you have is backed up as Brian so sensibly says. However, there is a chance that any work you may have done and copied out has been infected, so run a check on your stored files, before copying them back again. Best wishes, Raymond

3rd July 2008, 13:48
If all else fails go to and join (free) and they will help you step by step.

3rd July 2008, 14:35
XP SP3 hasn't been rolled out via the automatic updates from Microsoft yet so I've not bothered with it yet.
Is it worth getting? I'm tempted to just wait for it to be pushed out as I've not got any problems with my current systems running SP2.

3rd July 2008, 15:39
Thanks everybody. Had a bit of problem with AVG today, screaming that update files were missing, update connection failed etc, but that seems to have been a result of yesterdays restore to earlier state operation - at least it disappeared with a bit of fiddling with the update times. I've searched the web for similar problems, but what little there is, is discussed in terms over my head. I'll start another scan and see if anything comes up. Regards, Stein.

4th July 2008, 23:17
I'm curious about the idea of SP3 not being rolled out with automatic updates. The update site clearly lists it as a critical update. I've updated several dozen computers at work, and at home without yet seeing one problem. SP3 is primarily just a bunch of security updates, not really a full blown Windows XP revamp.

Remember that turning restore off then on destroys all previous restore points, even so, this is often a good idea if the virus has penetrated the restore facility. Some of them will lurk in there.

Also, many trojans/virus infections will put in a rogue DLL that will continually re-infect the machine if it isn't located and deleted (and that can be difficult without a process analyser and a thread killer). If you can remember the date and time the problem started, that might be a guide by examining any files that have a date/timestamp that corresponds.

Depending on what it is, it may well be a good idea to go to the geeks sites and get help, usually starts by downloading and installing Hi-Jack This which can be a big help. Can also recommend SpyBot Search and Destroy, all free.

If you are using AVG I definately advise you to use these additional security programs.