benarty- lykes boat collision in the elbe

5th July 2008, 15:50
does anybody out there have any pictures of the above collision (early 70s)?
On standby in engineroom at time remember Colin Menzies (ch.eng.)shouting at everyone to get on deck to the portside as it struck us forward port and pushed us over a good bit.
spend an exspensive six weeks in dry dock in Hamburg.

21st September 2014, 14:39
Just joined, so as I can post this reply, found it whilst perusing the site.
I was 2nd electrician down engine room on the plates, logging "movements" when we were hit, And yes I have a number of photographs/slides of the damage. This had been my first trip after getting married. Need I say my last, as she wasn't to happy about me being stuck in Hamburg. I do remember playing football in drydock, I think it was against a bunch of Polish lads, and we took them for a bottle of Polish Vodka. Anybody that requires photos of the Benarty damage let me know.
Peter Cunningham