Radio Set Type Marconi 727

Mark McShane
6th July 2008, 15:30

Can anybody provide any details about the Marconi 727 radio set. This was fitted onboard a ship in the 40's. I would like to know if possible what sort of effective working range the set had, any other spec details would be of great assistance.



6th July 2008, 16:00
Mark, pm me with your email address and will send what info I have.
The Mimco 727 was a low powered trawler transmitter operating telephony and telegraphy on the 100 to 186 metre band (1.6 to 3 mc/s).
Fully crystal controlled my guess it was probably later than 40's.
There was an adapter 728 to operate telegraphy on the 600m (500 kc/s) band.

Mark McShane
8th July 2008, 13:16
Many thanks to Malcolm for his assistance with this query.