first ship

6th July 2008, 17:04
As The Memory Starts To Fade With The Passage Of Time , I Was Thinking About My First Trip At Sea And Was Recalling This To My Relatives. I Arrived At Middlesbrough On A Mid Afternoon And Looked Up At The Ben Lomond, Full Of Apprehention I Boarded And Met The Chief / Off Who Signed Me On, There Was A Great Mix Of Characters , Geordies And A Mish Mash Of Scots. That Night I Was Taken Up The Road To A Local Hang Out Called The Bongo Club, It Was A Baptism Of Fire And A Place I Shall Never Forget, We Sailed For Hamburg Across A Dreadfull North Sea . I Was Sea Sick On My First Voyage I Was Never So Pleased To Reach Hamburg Where I Was Introduced To The Lovely Ladies Of 5 Mark Alley, Probably 50 Euros Now, And Forgot All About My Seasickness. Ah The Memories

Burned Toast
6th July 2008, 17:34
Could have been worse a night in the Capt Cook in the Boro, Glad you liked St Pauli in Hamburg.

6th July 2008, 21:00
Don't remember the Bongo club but do remember the Robin Hood and the Captain Cook and the young ladies there with their feet on the tables and a price chalked on their shoes.

13th July 2008, 02:33
I was in Middlesboro on the Stac young ladies came aboard OOps ive never been on a big ship like this before.......then saying to her companions "watch and not trip on that Ringbolt" great times then ???(Smoke)

Jim Harris
13th July 2008, 03:49
My 'baptism' was in Liverpool to join the 'Sheaf Wear'.... and same
sort of situation!

Worst hang-over ever, and sailed light ship for Canada.

North Atlantic, October, so you can draw your own conclusions
about the weather!
Never got over the hang-over and was sea-sick for the whole

I just wanted to die!!