Chief Engineer Nicholson

Tim Nicholson
7th July 2008, 22:37
Does anyone remember a Robert (or Bob) Nicholson Chief Engineer. Retired in about 1960

K urgess
7th July 2008, 22:44
Do you have any idea which shipping companies or types of ships he sailed on, Tim.
Might jog someone's memory.

Tim Nicholson
7th July 2008, 23:01
British Tanker Company
Tankers I believe
British Sailor maybe British Engineer due to some stuff I have.
I was told he was once on the half of a ship that floated after an attack during the war, not sure how true.

K urgess
7th July 2008, 23:04
Thanks Tim, that give the searchers a better chance.
Posts can sometimes get lost in shipping company forums so the more details the better.