19th June 2005, 08:41
Hi to all. I've been interested in shipping as a general enthusiast for many years Nothing specific. I heard about this site via the scotships group on yahoo. My current job location gives me an excellent view of the Firrth of Forth, and my bus to work very conveniently passes Leith Docks and the Cruise Liner Terminal
Colin Davis

19th June 2005, 10:58
Welcome aboard, Colin. Enjoy the site, we look forward to your contribution. Hopefully, you take your camera with you on the bus!

Doug Rogers
19th June 2005, 11:01
Hello Colin...hope you enjoy the site, look forward to your postings. Any questions just ask!!.

julian anstis
22nd June 2005, 12:39
Welcome aboard Colin,

Hope you enjoy the nostalgia on here, should be plenty to keep you interested for a while.Plenty of help around if you have difficulty navigating the site.


22nd June 2005, 13:17
Welcome from 47 miles to the West! Used to be a regular Forth visitor up at Carlingnose Point for great shots of Hound Point,etc and of course the walk across the Road Bridge for even better shots.
So much change at Leith now it/s unbelievable.But as has already been said,that/s progress for you......
Enjoy being here.