SOS Falls of Clyde

10th July 2008, 01:36
Dear participants in the Tanker forum

The preserved SAILING (yes, sailing) oil tanker Falls of Clyde is being threatened with destruction. Her future is in imminent danger. For more information see the following thread:

and also my web page at

A question for you tanker enthusiasts:

Does anyone know of any other bulk mineral oil tankers preserved anywhere else in the world?


graham wilson
30th October 2008, 23:08
Just noticed your comment on "Falls of Clyde" This perhaps of interest. My son's Father in Law, is Gerald Wingrove, who last year was named International Model Maker of the year.He has a web site, and has spent most of his life building car models. His retirement project is to build a scale model, in steel, faithful down to the last rib and stringer,of the "Falls of Clyde",for which he has obtained the original builders plans.He has been out to see the ship and photograph deck fittings and such.
I suspect he may know more than most about "Falls......"
Graham Wilson