K B 951748

K urgess
10th July 2008, 10:46
The above is the number of a Windows XP update.
If you have Zone Alarm as a firewall and install the update your computer will stop accessing the internet. (EEK)
Something to do with a big problem with DNS addresses on the internet.
You need to do a restore to a date before the update. One good thing is that Windows automatically does a restore point before updating.
Solutions are available on the internet but I did it by not allowing that update after I'd restored "several" times.
The other possible solution until zone alarm comes up with a patch is to reduce the "internet zone security" under the "firewall" tab to medium.

Trouble is if you're reading this then you've found the solution already. (==D)


Ron Stringer
10th July 2008, 15:36

Zone Alarm already have an update on their site http://download.zonealarm.com/bin/free/pressReleases/2008/LossOfInternetAccessIssue.html

Seems to work OK for me.

K urgess
10th July 2008, 16:35
That's weird, Ron.
My copy still says it's up to date and that 483 version wasn't there when I looked earlier which is why I did the workaround and described it above.
Still I suppose if your internet connection is down you won't know about any of the fixes until you've fixed it. Good job I have a spare PC or so on the network.


10th July 2008, 17:04
For anyone afflicted there is a huge thread about it here:-


Ron Stringer
10th July 2008, 17:07

Some time this morning my PC was updated with the MS K B 951748 and automatically restarted. I rang the AOL Tech Support desk when I found that I couldn't get onto the internet. They said that it was a ZOne Alarm firewall problem and said I should disable Zone Alarm. I did, and got access to the net so went straight away to the Zone Alarm site to complain. There I found the fix.

K urgess
10th July 2008, 17:23
I suppose I could have rung my service provider but I've been fixing computers so long that I tend to try and fix it myself.
This one was relatively easy since the only thing that had happened was the Windows update. Do a restore to see if the net works again and then look for answers.
Zone Alarm must have been expecting something like this because they were very quick off the mark.
I don't suppose we've heard the last of this DNS problem.

10th July 2008, 18:07
Hi Kris,

Yes found out the hard way, couldn't access the internet last night (Cloud) tried everything but did not manage to clear problem, had to call a computer tech this morning to get me back on line.

He uninstalled Zone Alarm, plus a few more modifications. Cost 45 but worth it.

Iain T

K urgess
10th July 2008, 18:20
Hi Ian,
Yes it can get expensive.
I hope he left you with a working firewall! (EEK)
Now that there's a fix you can download it and try again.
I've just done all the Windows updates again after getting the latest Zone Alarm and everything's back to normal.
Or what passes for normal with Windows [=P]


Hugh MacLean
10th July 2008, 22:18
Hello all,
Got stung myself on this one but the easy fix was to go into Control Panel --add/remove programs and delete KB951748 and reboot.


11th July 2008, 12:33
Thanks for all the info guys. I have now updated Zone Alarm and reinstated Windows updates and all seems OK. Mind you though it had me sweating a bit.