19th June 2005, 16:10
Hello all I'm new to this wonderful site
From Everard's to Harbour Dredgers via Tanker's,Tramps, and Colliers. (*))

19th June 2005, 16:46
Welcome to the site Lamptrimmer.
I got to know a real Lamp Trimmer in Labuan, he had to go round all the laid-up Shell Tankers, every night and light the Anchor Lights, putting them out in the morning. He did this for years, a cushy numbers but extremly boring.

19th June 2005, 17:19
Welcome to SN

19th June 2005, 17:36
Welcome from Italy lamptrimmer and Good navigation into the website!!!!

Doug Rogers
20th June 2005, 01:40
Welcome and enjoy the site, any questions just ask!!

julian anstis
22nd June 2005, 12:45
Welcome aboard Lampy,

Enjoy our site and what we have to offer......look forward to seeing any contributions you may have.


22nd June 2005, 13:12
I/ll add my good wishes as well.Good to see you on board.

Marcus Cardew
23rd June 2005, 20:20
Welcome Aboard!

When I sailed for a trip as 'LampTrimmer' ('cos the Old man reckoned I should have the rate, as I was doing the job, and it paid more than being signed on as apprentice), the guy I relieved advised me "That all I needed to be a succesful Lamp Trimmer was infinite patience, and Million's of 'Little Tins' ".............