Old German GOTHIC fonts

12th July 2008, 21:31
Hello All;
Hoping someone will solve my little problem here.
My last computer gave up the ghost when the hard drive went down. It was an HP, and no discs came with it. HP really had a great idea, but it sure did not work out for myself.
I had a font package on there from where ever, and it included The OLD GOTHIC English, French and German fonts. I cannot seem to find them anywhere on my new PC. I purposely retained Windows XP operating system. The only thing I am missing from the HP is the Windows Package so I assume it was on there.
Can anybody tell me where the font package containing especially the Old German Gothic fonts might be or where I might turn to get them back?
Any help will be most appreciated.

12th July 2008, 23:47

I'm not sure if I undestand your question properly so I may be wasting your time here. If you go to All Programs, Accessories & open Notepad, click on Format then Font you may find what you are lookimg for.

Hope this helps, sorry if it doesn't.


13th July 2008, 00:19

Go to Google and type in "free fonts" and you will find all sorts to download including several Gothic ones.



13th July 2008, 07:20

13th July 2008, 18:32
Thank you all for your direction and help.
Brian, I like the way you put it, "Free Fonts" just keep it simple. I did what you said, and I have found a beauty. Somehow I came upon a site that spoke of Fraktur, Schwabacher and Rotunda, and it explained that these were the three most important fonts used in Germany with Fraktur being the most important lasting well into the Twentieth Century. Using these names, the "Freebee Font" I found so far is called "FetteFraktur", and is great. To any of our German friends here I would ask about the lower case "s" looking very different. Before this, the small "s" I have seen looked more like a small "f" certainly like the lowercase "f" in German Gothic. The Devil or Teufel double s ‘’ in this Gohic font I now have retains this ‘f’ looking style, and I’ll attach [I hope] here note that I have had to modify this ‘s’in photoshop.
Again Thank you all for your help, most appreciated.