Sand Dart & Sand Gull

16th July 2008, 09:54
The Sand Dart grounded off St Alban's Head, was declared a TCL and purchased by Penfolds who refurbished her before trading her successfully for several years......does anybody have any information about the grounding?

The Sand Gull grounded off Ventor IOW and ( I think?) was scrapped as a result.....does anybody have any information about her end?


Tony Drury
2nd August 2009, 14:54
Not sure about the Gull. I was on her for a short time in March 86 and she was still going strong. I know she had grounded on Hurst Point (I know this because a Mate of mine was the driver).

The MAIB Annual report indicates Total Losses
Type of Vessel Sand Gull
Nature of Accident - Contact on 1/08/92
Length 53.01m
Age 28 years

Also from

"Grounded near Ventnor on 12th August 1992. Refloated and beached on 16th August, refloated again on 18th August and taken to Southampton. Moved to Marchwood on 11th October 1992 and subsequently scrapped"

So it seems she had a habit of beaching herself.

Nice ship though and very happy. We were operating out of Poole on 5 day week, capt used to picks us all up early Monday to make sure we made it to work. Then operated 5 days between Cowes, Pompey, Southampton and Poole. Was always difficult to get a cargo on Friday for some reason! clashing with I want to go home time!

Great therapy after deepsea.

22nd July 2013, 22:45
Thank You for that information; I always knew of her as "the Sand Dart"
Fantastic to find out about her reincarnation and what became of her.(==D)