British Venture photo

16th July 2008, 17:33
Hi, I've joined the forum to see if anyone can send me a photo of British Venture. I've had no luck finding one on the internet. My brother joined the ship in 1976 - it was his first BP ship, I think. He is currently in a nursing home recovering from surgery [only partially successful] to remove a brain tumour. We are trying to personalise his room and I thought it would be really nice to have a photo of the ship.
Thank you.

non descript
16th July 2008, 17:41
Hello Judy, A warm welcome to you and let us hope we can come up trumps for you.

K urgess
16th July 2008, 17:42
Welcome to the crew Judyjay.
There are pictures of British Venture in the gallery of you do a search like -

16th July 2008, 17:50
Thanks Guys, I hadn't spotted the Gallery yet. I'll have a good look in it. I have a list somewhere of his other ships so I'll make up a small album for him if I can.

David Edge
18th July 2008, 22:57
First tripper on Venture GHVW 1970 2R/O. Ian Macleod R/O.
Sailed from Rotterdam then I think it was Pitea Lulea and Sundsvall before going to Mina. Broke down several times and spent time in Durban eventually did Rotterdam, Copenhagen before going back to the gulf, and of course Durban for repairs. Paid off IOG
Picture from bridge as we manouvered in Rotteredam Sept 1970

non descript
18th July 2008, 22:58
Well done Dave, I am sure Judy will be delighted. (Thumb)

David Edge
18th July 2008, 23:21
I have just remembered I have the Christmas Dinner menu from 1970 - find attached the officers list(signatures) Cannot remember the exact ranks but P Richards was the old man.
It was the best Christmas Lunch I have ever had ( Mrs please excuse me) unfortunately I was on watch and had to have mine after the main event with jne engineer and 3rd mate (the priveleges of rank)but cookie did us proud- explains why I am now overweight - only a tad!!! I met the cook again when he was running the Flying angel in Cardiff - I was with Smiths then.

Not sure how I enjoyed Venture but I grew up quick - Staffordshire boy amongst Geordie and Jocks - its a wonder we could communicate.

If you want the menu -- ask

19th July 2008, 22:17
..rolled so much light ship in a Meddy gale off Crete in 1969 that the whole massive wooden bar complete with accoutrements detached itself from the bulkhead in the Officers' Mess. In fact, the whole accommodation was a shambles and was only put together again in drydock a few weeks later.

29th January 2013, 15:40
You must have taken over after me on the Venture. I was the R/O and paid off in dry dock on the Tyne around June 1970.
We had been trafficking NW Europe to the Gulf and had also broken down a fair bit. Spent about a week anchored off Aden with shore engineers on board. When we finally moored alongside the quay the crew went ashore, got drunk and basically mutinyed until they got another week's beer ration. After we finally got them back on board we had to lock down the officers' accommodation as they were really on the warpath.
They were all shamefaced the next day and the ringleaders were logged.
With no aircon not the most comfortable ship in the fleet, but a happy ship, at least when I was on it.


Trevor Hall
1st March 2013, 16:29
I have a couple of photographs of the Br Venture taken when she was quite new in late 1962 or early '63.
I was a first trip apprentice on the British Courage and we sailed in company with the Venture from the Sueez Canal to Bandar Mashur. The first picture is the Venture entering Port Said heading to the buoys to await the southbound convoy and the second one is her just sailing from the berth at Bandar Mashur having just loaded a full cargo. They aren't great photos as they are scanned from 50 year old slides which are 'a bit dusty'!
Please let me know if you need better resolution pictures as I had to reduce them for the SN Website.
I hope they are of interest and I wish your brother well. Best Regards

2nd March 2013, 11:22
Judy, Goto Old ship picture galleries "B" page 41
where you will find 10 photos of the British Venture.

Chris Isaac
2nd March 2013, 12:41
I did one voyage as 2nd Mate on this lump of oceanic splendour in 1974.
My only trip ever on a tanker.
It was the worst experience of my life, the other officers were dreadful, my wife was preyed upon whilst I was on the bridge. The master was quite simply the worst and most unprofessional officer I ever met.

Into each life a little rain must fall!

6th March 2013, 01:44
hi chris issac,just read your thread.2 march 2013, synpathy to you and your wife,for the treatmant she received.(they were officers and gentlemen?)i hope they see your message and in there ignorance.feel some guilt.and who knows.they may apologise for there behaviour.its never to late.all the best to you and your family.ben27

Chris Isaac
7th March 2013, 09:30
Thanks very much I appreciate the sentiments.
That particular wife has long since been sacked. I met her at sea, she was a passenger on Pendennis Castle and I was 2/O.
Long time ago, very different life now.