Cameras I have owned

22nd June 2005, 20:17
Firts was a 2.5 square format, cannot remember name but could be a Practica, bought in Eastham first trip for 10. Still have the negs but not many enlargers can take this size of neg.
Next was a Russian Zenith EM 35mm. Excellent lens, very heavy and fiddely with screw in lens mount. The Pentax 100 was a great lens to fit.
Next was series of Olympus OM-N series, nice and compact and excellent bayonet fit lens, their owne lenses were very expensive, used various other makes of telephotos.
Sticking with Olympus I finnaly succumber to the digital age with an Olympus C-770 Ultra Zoom, I wanted to stay with Olympus and a good telephoto lens, this has 4,000,000 pixels and a 380mm lens and 0.07metre minimum in macro mode shooting range.
Have used enlargers for printing B&W pics, and do not think that any scanner or printer can match the quality.
Re cleaning negs and slides, can wash negs OK but still find it difficult spotting and brushing off all the dust etc on slides, even with a magnifying glass.