Hey guys!

22nd June 2005, 19:36
Hey everyone..my names Shaun I'm 20 and from Folkestone, Kent next to good ol' Dover port. I'm an out and out ships enthusiast...who currently works in IT support...but I'm hoping to make my dream come true of being an Engineering Officer of the Watch by starting an officer cadetship later in the year...only one more interview to go folks!

Hope everyone is feeling well right now...I'm just enjoying the sunshine! (Hippy)

22nd June 2005, 19:55
Hiya Shaun,

Hope you get your wish. No one here is going to tell you it is a rotten life at sea. That's what nostalgia is all about, we've forgotten how hard the hard times were. I'm sure a whole bunch of us would trade places with you.

Enjoy the site, collectively there's hundreds of years of experience just waiting to be tapped.


22nd June 2005, 22:14
Welcome to the site Shaun. What companys are you applying to?