Hi Folks

22nd June 2005, 21:11
Thanks for welcome to site. I am a retired Catering Officer, who spent a fair number of years in Irish Shipping Ltd. Does anyone remember our ships?, they were all named after trees, ie. Irish Pine, Irish Cedar, etc,etc. We made some good friends on UK ships when we meet in port. Companies like Palm Line, Harrisons, and Blue Funnell. Saw the address in Ships Monthly, keep up the good work, regards, Gerry

31st March 2006, 20:11
Hi Gerry,

Gerry Burns here. ISL from 1973 to 1985, Cadet, 3/O, 2/O and C/O on the PLANE, OAK, CEDAR, STARDUST, PINE, FASTNET ROCK, etc
When were you with ISL ?

31st March 2006, 22:19
Hi Gerry and welcome to SN,

I hope you enjoy the site and that you will be able to contribute to the knowledge, information and repartee. I see you have made a number of postings already. You will find an interesting crowd of people here from all walks of life but mainly seafarers.

I am sure the members would enjoy any nautical photographs you may have from the past, or tales you have to tell.

It looks like you had a problem with a couple of your earliest postings. If you continue to have difficulties feel free to send me a Personal Message (click on my avatar on this posting) and I will try and put you right.


Hugh MacLean
31st March 2006, 22:45
Hello Gerry,

Welcome to SN, I hope you enjoy the site.

1st April 2006, 05:17
Welcome onboard Gerry and enjoy what SN has on offer

1st April 2006, 06:28
i remember those irish ships in fact i had a great friend on the union steam ship co who spent some time in them ,his name i can no longer remember but his laugh and smile i,ll never forget , like our ships they are no more but never mind we are still here gerry welcome aboard mate stow your gear and spin us a yarn

3rd January 2007, 00:20
Here a few "Irish"
IRISH MAPLE 1957 Courtesy/ F.W.HAWKS

3rd January 2007, 00:26
Another 2 Irish, don't they look good?

3rd January 2007, 04:00
Hi Gerry, ISL ships used to frequently come into Cornerbrook in the 50/60's, one of Bowater's home ports. Were you ever on that run?

Regards, John

3rd January 2007, 09:42
A belated welcome Gerry to the site, enjoy it and all it has to offer.

3rd January 2007, 11:15
I played football against the Irish Rowan in Sweden, Gothenburg to be precise, I was playing for a ro/ro ferry called Spero, we beat you 2-1, but you came close to winning it.
You scored first, I equalised and I think we won it on a penalty.
That was back in 1969.
Oh happy days, these are now, but .....WOW, they were explosive.

Happy new year to everyone.


Graham Wallace
26th January 2007, 02:04
Hi Gerry,
Does the name Bill Parslow ex C/E with ISL 's ring a bell? I think he was with them for 12 years+

Graham Wallace

Chris Weston
28th January 2007, 17:40
Hi Gerry
I was at sea with Palm Line for a couple of years but I ran into Irish Shipping in the early eighties when I was working with Siemens as a Marine Automation Engineer . I remember sorting out a problem with the Siemens main engine bridge control , I think in Liverpool , and then leaving on it to check it all worked , I got off with the Mersey Pilot , I really don't like pilot ladders ,especially when it is a bit choppy

Cheers Chris

Larry Dev
10th March 2008, 21:03
I remember the Irish Rose in Cornerbrook in 1963/64, she was on a Canadian charter running up into the Hudson bay area. She was an all aft job pretty small would love to see a photo of her.

steve goldswain
13th September 2008, 23:32
hello and welcome aboard hours of fun here:)

bert thompson
14th September 2008, 08:42
Welcome Gerry. Sure you will find many old friends on this great site
Best wishes

14th September 2008, 09:41
Folks, there is little point posting any more welcome messages for Gerry.
He joined SN in June 2005 and has not visited the Site since August 2005. (Sad)

21st February 2009, 23:27
Hi Gerry,
Does the name Bill Parslow ex C/E with ISL 's ring a bell? I think he was with them for 12 years+

Graham Wallace

I sailed with Bill Parslow in '67 or so. He was from Fethard on sea Co Wexford last I heard of him he had gone to work in the fishing industry.

The Irish Larch was the first of four Maple,Ash and Alder. I spent 9 mts on her in '64-'65 Joined in Manchester then to Churchill Hudson Bay, back with grain, to Glasgow, Christmas in Bombay Later six weeks in Australia. Happy days, despite the fact that the five leg Doxford was a bit of a work up,but Iv'e been on worse and it's all about the crowd.

The Larch was the first Irish Shipping vessel to sail with an Electrician, The honour should have gone to the late Regie Clothier about whom stories are still being told. He was the first Elect. employed to stand by SS Irish Poplar being built at Cammel Lairds, she was held up and the Larch building at Redheads I think, sailed first.

They were a well laid out vessel, they had no AC as they were built for the North atlantic, the portholes hinged 1/3 rd the way down, no doors at the ford ends of the alleyways and no permenent awnings. Needless to say they hardly saw the North atlantic. I will never ever forget trying to get a few hours kip before the midnight to four watch. Did I say "happy days"?

22nd February 2009, 02:24
Welcome aboard from the Philippines. Enjoy all this great site has to offer

26th July 2014, 22:33
Can anyone tell me the fate of the "Irish Spruce". I was part of a crew of six who repaired the steering gear (quadrant adrift of rudderstock), 11 days IIRC along side pier 20 in Halifax, on her maiden trip? Remember the extreme hospitality of the crew members and the generosity of the Heiniken. I was a fitter in the Dartmouth Marine Slips at the time.

Cheers Dumah,
Halifax, NS