Wadtex towels.

30th July 2008, 10:57
I was putting my dhobi into the washing-machine just now and, included in the dhobi, were two Wadtex towels (out of six I still have) which are still in pristine condition.

"And?" May well be the response to this ground-breaking bit of info.

These towels were brought-back by me, for my Mum, in 1961 after my first trip on "Maskeliya"!!!!!

After my Mum passed away I inherited them from her and they are still in regular use and, as I said, still in pristine condition with the "nap" barely worn and giving the towels a light fluffed-up appearance.

I did try going onto various Indian web-sites to see if Wadtex are still made but, unfortunately, I drew a blank so it looks as if they have probably folded (Ha! "Folded" On an article about towels!!! What a clever chap!!).

Incredible product though to last nearly fifty years! Do any other members have any Wadtex towels still? Salaams, Phil(Hippy)

P.S. Are there any Indian members who could, possibly, see if Wadtex are still in existence as I would like to get some new towels for my daughter.

30th July 2008, 11:35
Hi Phil,

I don't know about Wadtex but we are still using some of the Elgin towels that I brought back from Calcutta in the 1963/1966 time-frame. They've certainly lasted a lot better than some of the other "good" UK towels that we've had over the years.



30th July 2008, 11:37
Sorry Phil can't help you with Wadtex, but you reminded me of the ubiquitous small towels used by everyone in Japan - round the neck in the humid summer, mopping up beer in bars, mopping up the mess made by sleeping salarymen in bars...etc, etc. They got the name "choto mate towels" because of what the bar girls did with them - far too indelicate to mention here - "choto mate" meaning "just a minute".

One trip I acquired a packet of about 20 and took them home and gave them to an Aunt. She said: "Oooh, these are handy little towels." "Yes, I replied, without thinking, "they're called Choto Mate Towels." "Why?" asked my Aunty. "Er, I don't know, it's Japanese." replied the red faced world traveller.

John T.