1/96 Scale

5th August 2008, 07:54
Anyone know where I can buy 1/96 scale WW2 ship's guns?

Don Matheson
6th August 2008, 22:02
Rickles 23
Try Sirmar, very good model warship builders covering WW2 up to very modern.
Have excellent website which covers most of their items. Sell guns etc. as small 1/96th kits
Website is www.sirmarmodelships.com
Good company, I have built quite a few of their models myself. Is it for warship or merchant ship you want the guns?
Hope this helps

1st September 2008, 13:17
Hi Don,
I decided to make a scale model of my late Father's wartime ship, HMS Prins Albert.
But after doing the sums I have worked out that the hull is 1/72 scale so the guns will be slightly modified U-Boat deck guns.

Don Matheson
2nd September 2008, 10:54
1/72 scale is harder to find but I looked up Sirmar again and they do some 1/72 guns from WW11. Dont know what guns you need but if you are having to buy u-boat kits to get the guns they might be cheaper.
I as sure there are other builders in 1/72 out there, just dont know any.

jerome morris
3rd September 2008, 19:11
Try John R Haynes.