MV Kaitawa

9th August 2008, 15:23
My 1st ship. Spent nearly 12 months as deck boy. a couple of years later as a "bucko" then later as an AB.
It went down off Cape Reanga (nth island)in May 24th 1966(my birthday) with all hands (32 I think) a couple of months after I paid off.
Are there any ex crew off her or any of the other colliers or Union Co.ships out there. I've attached a photo.
There was a storekeeper on it ,I think his name was Lyle, a big Maori guy.Im not sure if he was on it when it went down. Could anybody enlighten me on that as well.
The photo is actually of a sister ship, The Kaitangata.I could not upload the scanned photo of the Kaitawa.
I'm also trying to find an old mate of mine,Les Hartley(Gig)He was a messman on one of the Union Co. ships in the 60's.I know he came ashore and moved to Wiaheke Island,Auckland about 1970-71.
I mved to OZ about 1970 and have lost touch with a lot of guys i'd like to look up.

ron kay
10th February 2009, 19:10
I sailed in the Kaitawa as electrician in early part of 1964. Would like to contact you.
Regards Ron Kay

Wayne Harris
30th January 2012, 16:36
Did anyone know Philip MOWAT, Canadian radio operator, drowned on the Kaitawa? This was his first job after having completed training for this profession in his native Vancouver, Canada home. Wayne

Wayne Harris
30th January 2012, 18:49
Hi, Ron I've never joined a forum until now. I do not know how to provide email without it becoming available for the whole world to access. I'd be interested in what you have to say. Where do you live? I'm in Edmonton, Canada. Wayne

30th January 2012, 19:38
Hello Wayne, Ray and Ron, I sailed on Kaitangata in the 50's and well remember the Kaitawa tragedy.
You can all talk to each other privately on this site by means of private messaging accessed by clicking on the "Private Messages" bar at the top of the website.


Wayne Harris
1st February 2012, 15:33
Good morning, Ray and Ron I'm sure it's very early where you live. I am interested in the fact you've kept the memories alive. There is a very interesting article about the Kaitawa crew members by Michael COX, Waikato Times, titled "Anger.lingers over Kaitawa sinking..", under I hope you receive this message. Wayne