Grace Ritchie

Iain Crosbie
12th August 2008, 17:44
See here
for a short video about 70-002, made by Neil Stuart, an amateur film maker from Largs.

samuel j
12th August 2008, 19:28
Great stuff Iain and indeed Neil have passed to link on to many..
Yer man in the red jacket was the spit of James Onedin .... guess he was wondering where Capt. Baines was gone with the Toaster..

Take care

bert thompson
12th August 2008, 20:20
Wonderful. Really enjoyed that

Iain Crosbie
12th August 2008, 21:59
Thanks for grassing up Baines, John. I had heard he was holed up in Cork, so I'll get the boys on to it and it shouldn't be too long before my toaster's back in commission again! Must get the film of your own boat over to you soon.

13th August 2008, 03:22
nice one Iain