WD Tyne & Clyde

26th June 2005, 22:59
Greetings all,
Does anyone know whatever happened to Westminster dredging co's Hoppers WD Tyne & Clyde, I last remember them working with the WD Amerika at Eastham in the mid eighties. I have happy memories of trips out to the Liverpool bar in them during this time.
Any help would be apreciated
Best wishes

14th July 2005, 22:41
I think they currently laid up in the River Tees.


Bob S
16th July 2005, 15:42
They are seen here at Ipswich during March 1997, the TYNE was earlier seen slipped at a local engineering works.

16th July 2005, 20:45
Worked once for WDCo (better life in prison) Had to change cyl head on No1 Cyl, changed it in good time so could go home at 1 oclock, when the Irish engineer said "why did you do that one" because No1 wanted to be repaired, Oh no he replied thats No1 pointing to No6 , thats the one to change. The only man in the MN who numbered things from the stern of the vessel.Home for tea instead.

24th July 2005, 01:05
Bob S,
Many thanks for the pikkys, nice to see the old girls again!

24th July 2005, 01:06
Many thanks,
Will have a word with a friend to see if they are still there!