Battleship "MIKASA"

Michael F.
14th August 2008, 17:29
Hi there!
I´m proudly owner of the 1st Edition 1:350 Kit of the "Mikasa" from Hasegawa and the PE-Set from White Ensign Models. There is a little problem with the instruction for the PE-Parts (later & earlier version etc..), but the real problem is, that I can´t get good photos of her appearance before the battle of Tsushima where she had a nice colour-sheme with black/white funnels.
It would be very kind, if anyone can tell me some sources where to find photos to work with. Today´s appearence of the ship is not suitable for my project.
Greetings Mike.(Thumb)

14th August 2008, 22:24
may i suggest you email the following museum.................

it is in the home town of Mikasa, and should be able to assist.

best regards.........

Michael F.
16th August 2008, 15:57
Hi there Sparky!
Tank you very much for the link, i will look at it with exitement.
Greetings Mike.

K urgess
16th August 2008, 16:16
There is a full profile picture of the Mikasa as completed on page 95 of the book "Portrait of a Shipbuilder" by Nigel Harris, ISBN 0-947971-32-7.
The book is still available although quite expensive.
It may be that the museum in Sparkie's link will be able to provide a copy of the picture.