New browser

17th August 2008, 08:58
Tjheres a new browser out by Apple called Safari. Any of you computer knowledgable chaps knopw anything about it? ... is it worth the download time?...can it beat firefox? I am happy with firefox.

17th August 2008, 10:14
Hello Billyboy,
I am Mac fan from way back, and have used Safari for years. I prefer it to Outlook Express which Microsoft have now closed off for us Mac people, and have had no problems with it. It wouldn't hurt to try it, and I just might do the same with Firefox,
Regards, Allan

17th August 2008, 11:39
Thanks for that Allen. I got it downloaded now. Cant say as its any faster but the graphics appear to be better. just opened some pictures from the gallery and they look great on Safari.
I found internet express a pain in the butt to use. Firefox is great. I will run this for a few days to see how it holds up.

8th September 2008, 23:14
Tried it today and it seems Ok though no faster than internet explorer. The interface is a lot simpler though. Importing bookmarks from IE worked pretty well.

Will check it out for a few days and let you know what I think.

9th September 2008, 06:24
I have deleted and gone back to Firefox again. Might be good on a fast connection. but on my rice powered server with a download of 2.1kbps ..... what can i say...LOL

9th September 2008, 08:09
We use Firefox on the Apple my oh did play with Safari but stuck with Firefox.
What about Google anyone tried it, I have but returned to my faithful Firefox.


9th September 2008, 10:47
Google have now released their own browser called "Chrome", it's a free download. I've tried it and it seems pretty good. It's certainly better than IE and I think it's a little faster than Firefox.
It has one or two nice features and I'm think I'll keep using it for the moment.
BTW, I tried Safari and didn't like it - it seemed to be rather slow (on my machine anyway!)

9th September 2008, 19:30
Tried Chrome as well but found it dead slow on some sites doing a direct comparison with IE. May depend on the type of link you have. I tested it on a 3G mobile connection - could be better with a direct broadband connection though. Nice clean interface! I won't delete it just yet.

9th September 2008, 19:41
...but on my rice powered server with a download of 2.1kbps ..... what can i say...LOL

Billyboy, you gotta get more gerbils on that wheel there... heh heh (Jester)