CA Security package problems with SN

20th August 2008, 03:16
Since renewing my CA security suite earlier this year I have had ongoing problems with the way it treats SN as a site and the slow down in start up performance of my computer. Finally solved the problem, so for the benefit of those with CA here is the fix. Apparently in the upgraded version of CA they have included a Parental Control Package (from another organisation called PureSight) that scans everything according to a pre ordained classification system re porn, dating etc. This parental control meant that I could not access the members forum of SN and some of its threads. It also sloooowed down start up. CA wont tell you this but the solution is to disable Parental Control using the add or remove programs feature of Control Panel in Windows XP. You need to click on remove program after marking the CA suite. Then it will show a second screen with each of the separate CA sub programs. Tick the Parental Control box and your speed and access problems will be solved. Cheers. JeffM