isleworth photo

22nd August 2008, 22:56
I've been looking everywhere for a photo of the steamship Isleworth owned by Watts &watts (britian steamship co) . Since it was less than a year old when it was lost in march 1912,(it ran aground while entering Halifax Harbour ) it doesn't surprise me that a photo may not exist. Her sister ship I believe is the s s Blackheath it is the same length, width, and tonnage. It had a long life becomming the Martha Hendrik Fisser it was sunk by a british destroyer in Narvik in 1940. I hope a good photo of her may be found.Since The wreck of the Isleworth is upsidedown 90 to 130 ft deep , a photo of her or of the Blackheath would come in handy for orienting and finding landmarks while diving the wreck. thanks bluenoser

25th August 2008, 20:46
Hi Bluenoser
You may have already tried this but look on
I have looked and there is a photo of a ship called the "Isleworth", it may or may not be your ship. I would copy it and post it here for you but I don't know how to upload it on this site, sorry.

non descript
25th August 2008, 21:16
Firstly well done for trying to help and also for having found a possible link to a picture, that is good news and much appreciated. But the lifting of pictures from others Sites is really quite a problem for us and to fully protect the Members and the Site Owners, we would ask people to actually think the whole process through before they launch into a process that crosses the boundaries of copyright; given the serious and very reasonable warning on that site about copyright: “They must not be used for any commercial purpose, reproduced or transmitted in any way be it mechanical or electronic or used on any web site. As the copyright of the pictures is held by many people I cannot enter into any correspondence regarding the use of these pictures.” I think you may feel that it is maybe quite good news that you did not “copy it and post it here …”