Rhodesia Star

30th June 2005, 07:44
Good morning everyone. I have just joined and this is my first post so I thought I would start with my first ship. I joined the RHODESIA STAR on 3rd May, 1961 and completed a round voyage to Australia and back to Liverpool in this ship. This is a miniature model I made of her many years later.

30th June 2005, 08:37
That's a pretty impressive model Shipbuilder. Welcome to the site and hopefully we'll see more models

Pat McCardle
30th June 2005, 08:50
Welcome 'Shipbuilder'. Always impressed by your models & writing when featured in The Telegraph (Thumb) .

30th June 2005, 16:32
Hello and thanks for comments. Hello again again, Dave, I was not sure what size pictures I could put on. RHODESIA STAR was just to get the feel of it. I will try something larger next.

Doug Rogers
1st July 2005, 01:45
Welcome aboard Shipbuilder. Enjoy the site and the people and look forward to your input. You might like to take time to read the thread Guidelines to Posting in either the Members Notice Board of Say Hello Forums, that will help you with your postings.

18th July 2005, 11:14
What a great talent you have,very good to see Cheers Bob

neil maclachlan
20th January 2006, 16:02
Hi Star Folks,
Remember going aboard her to a party in Sydney Australia, I think alongside at Wallamaloo Dock (1952-3) If I remember right, she was an American built ship and we all thought she was neat,having all metal furniture in the accomodation. The party,as in all Star boats was great,thats one of the good memories of the Aussie and NZ coasts.
Thanks for the memories,

Hugh MacLean
24th January 2006, 17:53
Welcome Shipbuilder.

Thats an impressive looking model of the ship. My father served on her in 1952.

The Blue Star site has pictures of the vessel built for the USN and subsequently lend/lease to the UK as HMS Premier.



24th January 2006, 19:06
welcome on board shipbuilder,edward.

27th January 2006, 19:07
Thanks for replies. I haven't looked at this section for a while now. Although I remember the RHODESIA STAR herself with great affection, I had the most awful time aboard her. A small number of my fellow officers left no stone unturned in making life a misery for me and I was jolly glad to leave in Liverpool. My next ship was the ore carrier JOYA MCCANCE under the command of Captain H. Neale, a fine captain, a fine ship ship with a fine bunch of officers & crew. My happy times aboard JOYA MCCANCE made me rethink my decision to quit the sea at the earliest opportunity and I remained there until late 1992, my last ship being the small passenger liner ST. HELENA.

Pat McCardle
27th January 2006, 20:59
Are you the same model maker that posts in the NUMAST Telegraph? Regs, Pat

27th January 2006, 21:35
Yes, I am. Started the monthly column in late 1999. All this years have already been written, but I never know which one is coming up next because the editor selects what he wants from his stockpile.

Bob Wilson