Bob S
2nd July 2005, 16:17
Ex: London tug CHALLENGE now preserved, seen at the Trafalgar 200 celebrations at Spithead on the 28th June 2005.

Built 1931 and 212 tons gross.

Doug Rogers
3rd July 2005, 00:35
Magnificent, they dont make em like that any more.

26th November 2005, 21:36
A very good photograph of Challenge. I was crewing aboard Challenge at Spithead and later at the IFOS. Would it be possible for me to obtain a fairly high resolution copy of this photograph?

Doug Brodie

Jan Hendrik
27th November 2005, 06:00
Beautiful picture. Old and modern stuff together here...

You can find some more particulars under:

30th April 2007, 01:08
picture taken 1978, at st catherines dock, london