One for Marconi Sahib

2nd September 2008, 21:13
Evening Kris.
Google have just released their new browser (Chrome) I would appreciate your views on it as regards IE7 & Firefox.
Leo (Thumb)

K urgess
2nd September 2008, 21:46
That would be difficult, Leo.
I only use IE7 and will probably wait until it gets used a bit by others before trying it.
There's news of it here;txt
I can't seem to find any reviews by people that have tried it yet.

Bruce Carson
2nd September 2008, 22:27
Like good bourbon, anything as complex as a new browser has to be very well aged before use.(==D)


2nd September 2008, 23:36
As an IT Professional I always advise my clients not to be first to install ANY software - let others feel the pain and install the version with the worst of the bugs fixed. Nobody tests software properly these days so there will be plenty of them I have no doubt.

Having said that, trying out a browser is no big deal as it is unlikely to do any damage and you can always remove it if you don't rate it.

2nd September 2008, 23:57
Talking of browsers - there is a current problem with IE7, when you try to save from an O.E. E mail it tells you that the mshtml.hlp file is missing and that you need to re install it. Microsoft have said that there is no such thing as the mshtml.hlp file. They have apparantly admitted that this is a problem with IE7 and that they have sent it to another firm to sort out and it is hoped to be cured before the end of the year.

I have overcome this problem by forwarding the E mail with attachments to myself - it then allows you to save attachments but still stops you right clicking on any photos. I also use Yahoo to save from.


3rd September 2008, 10:31
Thanks for the replies, will wait a while as suggested.

3rd September 2008, 15:27
I'm using Chrome, very impressive for a beta, my very early impression is that it's quite a lot better than Firefox!
No conflicts or issues to date however time will tell.


Gareth Jones
3rd September 2008, 19:38
Be careful chums - any of your own copyright stuff you post may be used by google without paying you a cent.

3rd September 2008, 20:11
Be careful chums - any of your own copyright stuff you post may be used by google without paying you a cent.

Thanks for that Gareth, after reading the Reg I might just wait a while longer.

K urgess
3rd September 2008, 20:40
Whoa! That's moy scary.
I reckon Chrome won't be on my shopping list then. (Cloud)


3rd September 2008, 23:03
Did'nt note that parnicious EULA in the small print - out goes Chrome here until thats either amended/deleted.

3rd September 2008, 23:52
Google have now admitted that the EULA was a mistake and will be amended.

Give it a download, you may well prefer it.
I've been using Chrome since yesterday and haven't had any problems.
It is a big change from IE and Firefox and will take a short period of relearning. It fits my use of the Web very well.
It looks to be particularly well suited to those using low screen resolutions.
I think I'll stick with it for the time being.

K urgess
4th September 2008, 00:00
I shall still wait and see what the new EULA actually says and I don't like this
"Chrome's "Omnibar" can also access all keystrokes a user types, and Google will store some of this information along with IP addresses."
from this site

4th September 2008, 10:00
Google retracts EULA


kewl dude
24th January 2010, 04:35
January 13, 2010 I downloaded and installed the Stable (versus the Beta) Version of Google Chrome Browser. The main reason why is that I read a review that said Chrome is MUCH faster than my Fire Fox version 3.5.7.

I am on dialup and usually connect at 45k. I began the Chrome download on Fire Fox then left home and went to the library. When I returned 90% was downloaded.

I am VERY impressed with Chrome. It IS MUCH faster than Fire Fox. For one thing it starts up in a few seconds, perhaps 2 or 3 seconds. Compared to Fire Fox that takes forever to load.

When downloading still pictures Fire Fox slowly and laboriously draws each picture from the top down. A black line slowly moves down drawing each picture. On Chrome the complete pictures just quickly appear in their entirety.

The first evening I used it Chrome tried to send a message home but my COMODO Fire Wall notified me and I said no. Either COMODO is handling it since there have been no attempts since, or Chrome has found another way around me that I do not know about?

When installing it Chrome gives a list of default Search Engines to choose from.


Regardless of which SE you choose, searches easily are made by simply keying your request in the internet address space, second line from the top, then depressing Enter or clicking on the symbol at the right end of the line.

Getting used to this browser takes some time. First of all the tabs are on the top line, versus just above the window on Fire Fox.

I made some notes since beginning to use Chrome and the first note says that there is no Stop Button. But just today I found it. It is at the right end of the internet address space, BUT it is ONLY there when you are loading a page. Other symbols share this space and they change dependant up on what you are doing.

My next note says that Chrome will not save a file when the user alters the file name. Commonly when I save Web Cam pictures I add, for example: 20100123-1200-pst- before the file name. But when first using this I found those files in fact were not saved. I learned that one must key the entire filename including the dot and the file extension, for example: 20100123-1200-pst-towercam.jpg

Regardless Chrome saves pictures MUCH faster than Fire Fox. When I download a picture to my machine I do not understand why Fire Fox insists on going out and downloading another sample of the same picture to save to my machine? Chrome just instantly saves them.

Perhaps all of these above are listed in the Help File but I like seeing how intuitive software is. There is a large Help Folder, but I just glanced at the headings.

I could do without the text download line at the bottom of the window, but in practice it is not really that intrusive. It can be closed by clicking on the X at the far right, but it will open again whenever you save a file. I have not found an obvious way to disable it.

Chrome seamlessly transferred my Fire Fox bookmarks, all of the Fire Fox bookmark options are on Chrome plus you can order folders alphabetically, which I have done on some of my bookmark folders.

I have not noticed any obvious software conflicts, all of the add on functions I did in Fire Fox work on Chrome, for instance Flash 10.

One thing


I have never seen this warning before on Fire Fox. It says that my operating system does not trust the certificate for this site. Since the certificate is issued by the United States Government, Department Of Defense, USACE in the internet address means United States Army Corps of Engineers, I checked on this by opening


Then clicking on the Root Certificate source:


Where I found that Chrome is not a supported browser, so maybe this is the problem? Regardless, just clicking on “Proceed Anyway” the site opens.

I am really impressed with Google Chrome versus Fire Fox and those on dialup may want to take a look.

Greg Hayden

24th January 2010, 07:56
I tried to reload Google earth but can only get with google earth attached. then the computer goes crazy on me. When trying to view google earth the centre of the screen keeps flashi so you cant look at it. Trying to delete google chrome is a bit of a nightmare.
Wish I hadnt bothered with it. Back to my favorite "Firefox" again now.

kewl dude
28th July 2010, 20:55
I have used Google Chrome browser since January this year, and I was oh so happy with it until recently, when it stopped working. Oh, it would load just fine and everything seem allright ,except it could not find any online URL's. While FireFox at the same time had no problems.

This began the end of June. Some days it works just fine, others not at all. Googleing this problem I read reports that this has occurred off and on since day one with Chrome. Looking at the Google Chrome website they have a laundry list of reasons why Chrome may not run. The normal stuff, a virus, a problem with your connection, etc.

Not long ago I thought about deleting FireFox since I did not use it anymore. I am glad that I did not since I am back to FireFox, despite it being slower on my dial up than Chrome, today once again Chrome refuses to find anything.

Clicking on anything generates a screen like the two attached.

Greg Hayden