Royal Zulu

SAS Amatola
3rd September 2008, 12:21
Anyone know what happened to the liner Royal Zulu that was laid up at Durban?

fred henderson
3rd September 2008, 15:43
I think that she was broken up in 1992.


12th September 2008, 14:15
According to Miramar, she was broken up in Durban in October 1992, don't know where or by whom.

A bit more about her here :

21st October 2008, 19:56
Yep, she was broken up in Durban but I cannot remember the date. 1992 does sound right though. One of her lifeboats ended up in JHB, and I have a feeling its now at Emmerentia Dam but I doubt if anybody there would be able to confirm it.